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T20 World Cup Final 2024 Weather Update: What Happens If Rain Interrupts the Match?

The T20 World Cup Final between India and South Africa is just hours away. Both teams are gearing up for this monumental clash, but the threat of rain looms large over Barbados. With the possibility of rain washing out the match, fans are left wondering what the outcome would be.

South Africa has reached the final of an ICC event for the first time. Their men’s team has never played in the final of a One Day International or T20 World Cup before. On the other hand, India won the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007. This means that history is on the line for both teams. However, the weather could play a decisive role, as rain has already disrupted several matches in this World Cup.

Rain Threat and Match Regulations
If rain affects the final, a minimum of 10 overs per side must be played to determine a result. The ICC has scheduled a reserve day for this World Cup, so the game can continue the next day if necessary. If some overs are bowled on the 29th, the match will resume from that point on the reserve day, June 30th.

Umpires have the authority to extend the play by adding up to 190 extra minutes, over three hours, on the 29th. However, if the match cannot be completed despite these measures and the reserve day, the ICC has arranged for a Super Over to decide the winner. If the Super Over also cannot be conducted, India and South Africa will be declared joint winners.

According to NDTV, citing AccuWeather, rain in Barbados is highly likely on the 29th. The forecast suggests cloudy and humid conditions for most of the day, with light rain in the morning followed by more rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Travel Woes and Team Preparations
South Africa’s journey to Barbados was not smooth either. Their team was delayed at Trinidad Airport due to issues with the landing gear of a small plane, causing the runway to be closed for six hours. Consequently, their flight was delayed by over six hours. Teams have faced various challenges throughout this tournament, from travel disruptions to planning issues.

Before their semifinal match, Afghanistan’s team did not get a chance to rest, which infuriated their captain Rashid Khan, and coach Jonathan Trott. Despite these grievances, the ICC proceeded with the schedule as planned.

As the T20 World Cup Final approaches, fans eagerly await to see if India or South Africa will lift the trophy. But with the weather forecast predicting rain, the outcome remains uncertain. The ICC has put measures in place to ensure a fair result, but only time will tell how the final will unfold.

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