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Record-Breaking Over: Ollie Robinson Concedes 43 Runs In County Championship

Ollie Robinson, the English pacer who once lectured the Indian team on their ability to make comebacks, faced an unprecedented challenge in the County Championship. Sussex’s Robinson found himself at the receiving end of a record-breaking over against Leicestershire, where Louis Kimber smashed 43 runs off him. This over is now the most expensive in the history of the County Championship.

The Over That Made History

The drama unfolded in the 59th over of the second innings between Sussex and Leicestershire. Kimber launched an assault on Robinson, hitting five sixes off the first, second, third, fifth, and sixth deliveries of the over. Additionally, Kimber added three fours, making it a total of 43 runs in just six legitimate deliveries. Robinson also bowled three no-balls in this over, adding to his woes, and the final delivery saw a single being taken.

This feat by Kimber has etched Robinson’s name in the records for an unfortunate reason. Before this, the record for the most runs conceded in an over in the County Championship was held by Alex Tudor, who gave away 38 runs to Andrew Flintoff in 1998. In first-class cricket history, however, the dubious honor of conceding the most runs in an over belongs to Robert Vance, who conceded 77 runs in an over during a match between Wellington and Canterbury in 1990.

Not the Only One: Bashir’s Expensive Over

Interestingly, this isn’t an isolated incident of such carnage in recent County Championship matches. On June 24, English off-spinner Shoaib Bashir, playing for Worcestershire, conceded 38 runs in an over against Surrey’s Dan Lawrence. Lawrence, who had already reached his century, hit five consecutive sixes off Bashir’s over. Bashir’s over also included a wide delivery that went for four runs and a no-ball, making it an incredibly costly over for the bowler.

The Current Standings

As for the match between Sussex and Leicestershire, Louis Kimber remained unbeaten on 191 runs off 92 balls, propelling Leicestershire to a total of 375 runs in their second innings. They now need 89 runs from 67 overs to win. Robinson’s bowling figures so far in this innings stand at 14 overs, 66 runs, and one wicket, a reflection of the tough day he has had on the field.

While Ollie Robinson’s comments about the Indian team’s ability to face a comeback might have sparked debate, the recent events in the County Championship highlight the unpredictable and humbling nature of cricket. Robinson, who has been a significant player for England, will now be remembered for this unique record. This incident underscores that cricket, with its highs and lows, remains an unpredictable and exciting sport.

In conclusion, the County Championship continues to produce thrilling moments, reminding us all of the sheer unpredictability and excitement that cricket brings. Whether it’s a record-breaking over or a surprising comeback, cricket never fails to amaze its fans worldwide.

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