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Bangladesh Didn’t Lose But Was Defeated, Yes! check Details

Bangladesh didn’t lose but was defeated. Yes, this is a significant statement, but through our report, we’ll elaborate thoroughly on how the match had Bangladesh poised to win. However, due to major errors, Bangladesh faced defeat against the umpires. They had, in a way, won the match. But despite that, it’s the rules of the ICC that led to Bangladesh’s defeat in the match.

Talking about the match, Bangladesh lost the contest by four runs. However, Bangladesh had actually won the match in reality. But due to the rules of the ICC, Bangladeshi players couldn’t do anything and had to face defeat. Four runs may seem astonishing, but here I’m showing that Bangladesh lost by four runs. Then how did they win the match against Bangladesh? But despite that, they were informed that they had lost by four runs.

So, let me explain, but before focusing on those major points in the video, I urge all our viewers to like the video if you enjoy our updates, subscribe to the channel, like our Facebook page, and if you want to watch the video, follow our Facebook page and comment in the comment section. Do give us your thoughts on whether you think Bangladesh lost or won.

Firstly, in the match, Mahmudullah scored fifteen runs off the second ball. The Batman was playing well, but unfortunately, the ball goes to the safe leg side and turns into a boundary. However, what do the umpires do? As you can see in the image, the batsmen appeal, the batsman gestures, the ball deflects, touches the pad, and then goes towards the boundary line, resulting in a boundary. The Batman appeals, but it’s a casual appeal. The Batman knows that the ball will go to the third umpire, but there was no point in leaving it to chance, but what comes into the umpire’s mind is beyond comprehension, and such a big mistake by an international umpire is unthinkable.

And you know a big rule of the ICC is that if the umpire declares a ball out, then it’s considered out, or if it’s deemed to have touched and the umpire decides it’s out, then it’s out. Now, whether the ball goes outside the boundary line or not doesn’t matter. What matters is what was given first, and the first decision was that it was given out, which caused Bangladesh.

It should have been checked in the scorecard. The video analysis should have been reversed. You can see the missing wicket clearly. Such a big mistake by an international umpire in the World Cup is a crime, and that crime has been committed by the umpire. In today’s match, the four runs that should have been scored were counted in Bangladesh’s favor, but it was a head in senseless count. The fever of Bangladesh head in the field is seen, but the run isn’t counted. This is also a big issue in itself.

All cricketers can accept whatever decision is made. If it’s given out, then the ball ends there. It would be called out. Now, it doesn’t matter where it’s going. The big thing is that it’s been declared.

It’s an odd rule, and it should be reviewed because if a final decision of this nature is made due to such rules, then it would be very bad, especially for the Bangladesh team. Right now, it’s only a group stage. If Bangladesh can’t make it to the superhit from here, then there will be regret because of this decision. Because they lost by just four runs, and that’s how it’s going to be. You can see another incident. Another incident there. So, Hriday, who was playing in very good form, was making runs and it seemed like they would cross the line of Bangladesh there. But in Rabada’s eighteenth over, the first ball was a slight appeal. They thought it would be called out, but Dickock was thinking it would be called out.

They even appealed, but there was a bit of doubt in their mind, but still, they signaled to review it, meaning there was a bit of doubt. Even though the ball had hit the pads slightly, it was a bit legside. Despite that, we gestured there. It was clearly visible. I’ve decided that Bangladesh was somehow defeated. This decision is an open and shut case. It makes one wonder how an international level decision can be made in this manner. If you look at the training, you’ll never make such decisions. So, this was a big mistake. Bangladesh won, but the match was lost.

In reality, Bangladesh won the match. But according to the rules of the ICC, Bangladesh lost the match by four runs. Make sure to comment in the comment section. Let us know what you think about this decision. Are you happy with this decision, or not? Will the ICC change this rule or not? Meet you in the next report. Till then, take care. Stay healthy, stay safe, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. If you liked this video, then like and share it, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more cricket-related information.

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