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America Being The First Victim Of A New Rule Introduced By The ICC,Let’s Delve Into The Details Of This Rule

In the INDvsUSA match, a new rule introduced by the ICC came into action, with America being its first victim. During the match against India, America was penalized with five runs by the ICC. Let’s delve into the details of this rule.

The American cricket team, currently co-hosting the T20 World Cup 2024 with the West Indies, has been making waves. They defeated Pakistan in their opening match and came close to defeating India. However, that wasn’t the case. India managed to secure an entry into the Super 8 by defeating them with seven wickets, thanks to a rule by the ICC.

However, the match got stuck at one point, with America seemingly about to turn the tide. After fifteen overs, India needed 35 runs off 30 balls with Shivam Dube and Suryakumar Yadav at the crease. Both seemed a bit shaky, putting India in a tough spot.

Jasdeep Singh received the ball for the 16th over but failed to deliver the first ball, resulting in a major setback for America. Umpire Paul Rifle penalized America with five runs. Aaron Jones, leading the team in Monank Patel’s absence, discussed with Rifle. Despite the lengthy discussion, they couldn’t prevent the penalty.

While the penalty was imposed, many were left wondering what happened. So, let’s explain. This penalty on America was a result of a new rule by the ICC. In December last year, ICC trialed a new rule called the Stop Clock rule.

The trial ended in April 2024, following which ICC implemented the Stop Clock rule in international T20s. This rule helps regulate the time between overs. According to this rule, after one over ends, the next one should start within 60 seconds.

The bowling team will receive two warnings for violating this rule. If they fail to start the over within 60 seconds twice in an innings, the umpire will warn them. After that, for each subsequent violation, a five-run penalty will be imposed. America became the first team to fall victim to this rule.

They faced this penalty during the match against India at the Nassau County International Stadium. According to ICC Cricket dot com, commentator Renford Brent commented on this issue.

He received this punishment in the match against India at Nassau County International Stadium. According to ICC Cricket.com, commentator Renford Brent said about this,

‘He exceeded the allotted time of 60 seconds between overs thrice. He is going slow, moving slow. Perhaps due to pressure, he is thinking too much. Perhaps sometimes this becomes the difference between two teams. The Indian team has gone through such situations many times.

Aaron Jones is living his best in the moment right now, two wins. With four points, at the top of the table. Perhaps he is thinking too much about his strategy right now. You cannot afford this in this format.’

After this penalty, Surya and Shivam Dubey together snatched the match from America. India won the match by seven wickets with 10 balls remaining. America had scored 110 runs in 20 overs while batting first.

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