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Team India’s Upcoming Series Schedule After Winning T20 World Cup 2024

After clinching the T20 World Cup 2024, Team India is set for a packed schedule of cricketing action. The Indian team, led by the dynamic duo of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, will have a busy calendar leading up to the ICC Champions Trophy 2025.

According to the schedule, after the T20 World Cup 2024, the Indian team will play a total of six bilateral series until February 2025. Out of these, three series will be played abroad and three on home soil. Additionally, the Indian team will play two ODI series during this period.

One ODI series will be in Sri Lanka, and the other ODI series will be at home against England, right before the Champions Trophy in February 2025. This leaves the Indian team with only six ODI matches to prepare and build a strong team for the Champions Trophy.

Post T20 World Cup Schedule:

  1. Zimbabwe Tour:
    • 6 July: 1st T20, Harare
    • 7 July: 2nd T20, Harare
    • 10 July: 3rd T20, Harare
    • 13 July: 4th T20, Harare
    • 14 July: 5th T20, Harare
  2. Sri Lanka Tour (July-August 2024):
    • The schedule for this series has not been released yet.
  3. Bangladesh Tour of India (2024):
    • 19-24 September: 1st Test, Chennai
    • 27 September-1 October: 2nd Test, Kanpur
    • 6 October: 1st T20, Dharamshala
    • 9 October: 2nd T20, Delhi
    • 12 October: 3rd T20, Hyderabad
  4. New Zealand Tour of India (2024):
    • 16-20 October: 1st Test, Bengaluru
    • 24-28 October: 2nd Test, Pune
    • 1-5 November: 3rd Test, Mumbai
  5. Australia Tour (November 2024 – January 2025):
    • 22-26 November: 1st Test, Perth
    • 6-10 December: 2nd Test, Adelaide
    • 14-18 December: 3rd Test, Brisbane
    • 26-30 December: 4th Test, Melbourne
    • 3-7 January: 5th Test, Sydney
  6. England Tour of India (2025):
    • 22 January: 1st T20, Chennai
    • 25 January: 2nd T20, Kolkata
    • 28 January: 3rd T20, Rajkot
    • 31 January: 4th T20, Pune
    • 2 February: 5th T20, Mumbai
    • 6 February: 1st ODI, Nagpur
    • 9 February: 2nd ODI, Cuttack
    • 12 February: 3rd ODI, Ahmedabad

Finally, in February-March 2025, India will participate in the Champions Trophy hosted by Pakistan. The Indian team will have a busy and challenging schedule, providing ample opportunities to prepare for the Champions Trophy and build a strong squad.

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