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Rohit Sharma Now Happy With this IPL Rules, Discussed Recent Podcast Appearance


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Rohit Sharma, the captain of Team India and formerly the skipper of Mumbai Indians until last season, recently made headlines for his candid remarks during a podcast session. Engaging in a conversation with cricketing stalwarts Adam Gilchrist and Michael Vaughan, Sharma delved into various aspects of the IPL, including a specific rule that caught his attention.

In the podcast, Sharma expressed his views on the IPL’s “Impact Player” rule, stating unequivocally that he is not a big fan of it. The “Impact Player” rule allows teams to substitute a player who has bowled no more than one over or faced 10 or fewer balls in the first innings, thereby introducing a fresh player into the game.

Sharma’s stance on the rule adds a significant voice to the ongoing discussions surrounding its effectiveness and impact on the dynamics of the game. His comments have sparked interest among cricket enthusiasts and analysts, prompting a closer examination of the rule’s relevance and utility in the IPL.

To delve deeper into Rohit Sharma’s insights on the IPL’s “Impact Player” rule and other topics discussed during the podcast, fans are encouraged to watch the video for a firsthand account of Sharma’s perspective. As the IPL season unfolds, Sharma’s remarks serve as a reminder of the continual evolution and scrutiny of cricketing regulations in the modern game.


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