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India’s T20 World Cup Victory and the Flag Controversy Involving Rohit Sharma

A few days ago, India won the T20 Cricket World Cup. During this time, everyone was celebrating, including the Indian cricketers. After winning the final, Captain Rohit Sharma planted the Indian flag on the field during the celebration. This picture of Rohit went viral and sparked discussions about his emotions. Rohit Sharma has now made this photo his profile picture on social media, bringing it back into the spotlight. However, the photo has now become controversial for different reasons.

The Issue with the Photo

On July 8, Rohit Sharma updated his profile picture on Twitter with this viral photo. In the image, taken on June 29, 2024, during the T20 World Cup final between South Africa and India in Barbados, Sharma is seen planting the Indian flag on the field while wearing the Indian jersey. This photo has now sparked a controversy.

Why the Controversy?

The controversy stems from some people on social media claiming that the photo disrespects the Indian flag. They argue that as Rohit Sharma plants the flag in the ground, it touches the ground, which is against the rules. According to the Indian Flag Code, the flag should not touch the ground or be dragged on the floor. People are citing this rule to claim that Sharma’s action is disrespectful to the flag.

The Indian Flag Code

The Indian Flag Code of 2002 includes rules about how the flag should be treated. Rule 3.20 states that the flag should not touch the ground or floor, or be dragged in water. Critics are using this rule to argue that the flag in the photo is being disrespected.

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Reactions and Support

Rohit Sharma has not yet responded to the controversy. When he initially made the photo his profile picture, many people praised it and called it one of the most memorable moments in cricket. Now, many are also defending Sharma on social media.

In summary, what started as a celebration of India’s T20 World Cup victory has turned into a debate over the respect for the national flag, highlighting how sports, patriotism, and cultural norms intersect.

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