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If Ishan Kishan Doesn’t Play Ranji, Where Will He Play Cricket? Is BCCI Ready To Take Action? Big Update


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Cricket lovers are excited about the ongoing test (IND vs ENG) between India and England. The series has been a rollercoaster with two games in so far. While England triumphed in the first Test in Hyderabad, India staged a sensational comeback in the second Test in Vizag. But amidst the excitement, a concern emerged in both matches: the performance of the Indian midfielder, especially wicketkeeper-batsman KS Bharat.

Many fans and experienced players are talking about the inclusion of Ishan Kishan in the Indian team instead of Bharat. Many questions have been asked on this subject. Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid replied. On February 5, Dravid said about Ishaan that he would be selected only when he starts playing cricket. Why did Dravid say this? You must understand this yourself. Otherwise, let’s take you back.

Ishaan played for the Indian team last year. In the T20I series against Australia after the World Cup. The team went to South Africa. Ishaan did not get a chance to play the loose ball. These tests will follow. Earlier, Ishaan had said that he wanted to return home due to “psychological reasons”. He was also removed from the team. However, the news that came after was shocking. There are reports that Ishaan Kishan, who took a break from work as he wanted to spend time with his family, was seen having fun in the UAE. The management team has been angry with him ever since. He cannot return to the Indian team after this retirement.

KS Bharat’s attack
KS Bharat’s poor performance in the two Test matches has left fans and experienced players questioned. Many people suggested that Ishan Kishan should be brought in to replace Bharat in the Indian football team. This idea has sparked a lot of debates and questions and India head coach Rahul Dravid has responded to them.

Rahul Dravid’s Response
On February 5, Dravid responded to speculations about Ishan Kishan’s selection and said that Kishan’s selection would depend on his return to cricket. So why did Dravid say this? Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

Even before the series, Dravid had said that Ishaan should play domestic cricket to be selected. But I haven’t seen Ishaan do that yet. Therefore, there are questions about his future. After the Vizag Test, Dravid was again asked about Ishaan. In response, he said:

“Everyone has a way back. We do not include any race.” I repeat I do not want to raise Ishan Kishan’s issue any further. I did my best to explain the problem. He asked for a break and we were happy to let him. I’m not saying he should play at home when he’s ready. I told him that he should play some cricket and come back when he is ready.

The choice is theirs. We won’t force them into anything. We live with them. We know what happened. Have you started playing yet? For now, this isn’t something we need to think about. Maybe he’s not ready yet. He will decide when he is ready. We have a choice. The selector will make a decision after considering many factors.

According to India Today, Dravid denied any disciplinary issue with Ishaan. There are reports that the management team is unhappy with Ishaan. She was suddenly saying that she wants to spend time with her family and this time she was seen partying in the UAE.

Ishan Kishan’s story
Ishan Kishan last played for India in the T20I series against Australia after last year’s world cup. The team went to South Africa and Kishan did not get a chance to play the loose ball. But a test will come. Just before the start of the tests, Kishan expressed his desire to return home due to “psychological issues” which led to his exclusion from the team. But what happened next was very scary.

There are reports that Ishan Kishan was seen having fun with his family in UAE instead of spending time with them as desired. Therefore, the management team was not happy with his behavior and he has not returned to the Indian team since then.

Where is He Now
So, where is Ishan Kishan now? Latest updates show that Ishan is training with the Pandya brothers at Kiran More Academy in Vadodara. Indian Premier League (IPL) Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya plays with Ishan.

Future Views
There is a general feeling that Ishan Kishan can play directly in the 2024 IPL. Now he is also participating in the Ranji Trophy tournament. However, reports indicate that he is yet to tell the Jharkhand Cricket Association (JCA) whether he will be available for home matches. As the news of his internship in Baroda emerged, questions arose regarding Ishan Kishan’s next move.

Dispute Policy
Reports indicate that Ishan Kishan has not met the Indian team management and is not playing domestic cricket. This will affect his central contract with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Kishan is currently in the ‘C’ category and gets a contract worth Rs 1 million per annum. Failure to return to the site in a timely manner may void your contractual rights.

Ishan Kishan’s record created excitement in the Indian cricket world. While fans eagerly await his return to the sport, his current situation and behavior have created uncertainty about his future. Whether Ishan Kishan will play for India again is still a matter of speculation and fans are curious about the young cricketer’s next step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is Ishan Kishan likely to return to the Indian cricket team anytime soon?

According to coach Rahul Dravid, Ishan Kishan’s return to the national team depends on his participation in the tournament.
What caused the controversy over Ishan Kishan not participating in the Test?

Reports of Ishan Kishan’s party during a football match in the UAE have caused controversy and discontent among the governing bodies.
What happened to Ishan Kishan? What was the result of being away from cricket for a long time?

If Ishan Kishan does not return to work on time, he will face the risk of losing his medium-term contract with BCCI, which will affect his financial prospects.
Where is Ishan Kishan now?

Ishan Kishan is currently honing his skills with the Pandya brothers at Kiran More Academy in Vadodara.
What is the impact of Ishan Kishan’s internship in Vadodara?

Ishan Kishan’s training in Vadodara has raised questions about his future plans and possible return to competitive cricket.


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