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Fantasy Tips For Dream11 Team Selection, My circle Dream Team, Possible Playing 11, Dream11 Team Prediction


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Kingsmead in Durban has a short boundary (between 60-65) which has attracted batsmen in recent matches. Scores around 200 are common, but slow down due to wear and tear. This slow delivery gives an added advantage to batsmen and spinners. The spinners, especially, performed well in the second innings.

Bowling advantage for batsmen and batsmen
Kingmead Stadium’s short boundaries play a major role in deciding matches with most scores going up to 200 runs. The wear and tear of the pitch slows down, giving batsmen and batsmen an added advantage.

Advantage of spinners in the second innings
Recent matches have shown the significant advantage of spinners in the second innings. As the pitch slows down, the spinners buy more power, which affects the overall tempo of the match.

Last 8 SA T20 matches at Kingsmead:
Analysis of the last 8 SA T20 matches at Kingsmead reveals the details. The interaction of speed and spin as shown in the score gives a good idea of ​​the situation.

DSG vs. PR:

DSG: 208/7(20)
PR: 83/10 (Speed: 6 Turns: 1)

DSG vs. SEC:
DSG: 159/7
SEC: 163/5(19.2) (Speed: 5 Turns: 5)

DSG: 145 /8
JSK: 108/9(20) (Speed: 12 Twists: 5)

MICT: 207/5
DSG: 177/6(16, 3) (Speed: 177/6(16,3) : 9 Spins: 2)

MICT: 165/5(20)
DG: 169/5 (19.5) (Speed: 8 Spins: 2)
DG vs. PEC:

DG: 80/10(18.1)
PEC: 84/2(7.4) (Speed: 7 Spins: 5)
DG vs. PR:

DG: 216/4(20)
PR: 189/8(20) (Speed: 10 Turn: 1)
JSK and DG:

JSK: 190/6(20)
DG: 174/5(20) (Pace: 5 Spin: 6)

Kingsmead’s last 4 T20Is:
In the context of international matches, Kingsmead The last four T20Is have shown how the pitch can affect results. The scores and performances of pace and spin bowlers give us a clue.


SA: 190/8
AUS: 191/5(17.5) (Speed: 9 Spins: 3)
SA and AUS:
SA: 164/8(20)
AUS: 168/2(14.5) (Speed: 9 Spins: 1)
AUS vs. SA:

Australia: 226/6
SA: 115/10(15.3) (Speed: 11 Spin: 5)
ENG vs. SA:

ENG: 204/7 (20)
SA: 202/7(20 ) (Speed: 13 Spins: 1)
PRC: 2
Durban Supergiants Preview:
Durban Supergiants In excellent form, with 6 wins in 8 matches and now as representative.

Government News:
There is no update on D’s health.

Durban Supergiants 11 can play:
M Breetzke: RHB
Tony De Zorzi: LHB
Quinton de Kock: LHB (WK)
JJ Smuts: RHB+ LAO
Heinrich Klaasen : RHB
M Stoinis: RHB+RAM
W Mulder: RHB+RAM
Keshav Maharaj: LAO
Noor Ahmad: Chinese
Reece Topley: LAM
Naveen Ul Haq: RAM
Team composition:
Main batsmen: Q de Kock, M Breetzke, JJ Smuts, H Klaasen (M Stoinis is also a good batsman)
Main spinners: Keshav Maharaj and Noor Ahmad (JJ Smuts ) will help them)
Main pacers: Reece Topley, M Stoinis, Naveen Ul Haq (W Mulder will help them)

Current Dead:
Naveen Ul Haq and R Topley
Dream11 Minor League Picks:
H Klaasen
M Stoinis
R Topley (bowling first mostly)
M Breetzke (Best batting, solid)
Q de Kock

Dream11 Top Picks for Major Leagues:
J Smuts (less credits, stuff)
W Mulder (good all-rounder)
K Maharaj (collect)
Noor Ahmad (may vary)
T De Zorzi (uncertain but corrupted form)

Ace Picks
For Adventurers who are willing to pay for high return potential, this may be considered an excellent choice by some players. Keshav Maharaj, Naveen Ul Haq and Adil Rashid are joining this team.

Paarl Rocks Preview:
Paarl Rocks are in good form with 4 wins in 7 matches and are in third place.

Team News:
PRC has no injury concerns.

Parr will play in 11 matches:
J Malan: RHB
A Markram: RHB
V Jaarsveld: RHB
F du Plessis: RHB
D Pretorious: RHB + RAM
H van der Dussen: RHB+LAO
Mangaliso Mosehle: RHB(WK)
T Shamsi: LAO
I Manack: RAM
KG Rabada: RFM
S Magala : RM

Team composition:
Main batsmen: F du Plessis, A Markram, J Malan
Main returning players: T Shamsi, I Manack
Main pacers: KG Rabada, S Magala, D Pretoious
Kagiso Rabada and S Magala

Dream11 Minor League Top Picks:
F du Plessis
J Malan
A Markram
H van der Dussen
T Shamsi

Dream11 Major League picks:
KG Rabada (may pick early wickets)
S Magala (Good Death Bowler)
D Pretorious (all-round performance)
I Manack (might be the difference)
M Mosehle (bat break)
Dream11 Prediction:
F du Plessis or H Klaasen
Vice-captains: A Markram or J Malan
Player Statistics – DSG and PRC
Publishing individual player statistics, out-of-date performances and their impact on the game will help build a dream team that will make smart decisions when selecting players.

Durban Super Giants are in excellent form and look ready to continue their winning streak. Paarl Rocks, on the other hand, have a good squad but will find it difficult in DSG form. Bowlers from both teams can play a major role in this slow game, so balance your fantasy team accordingly.

Frequently asked questions
Q1. What is the current state of the Durban Super Giants (DSG)?
A: Durban Super Giants are in very good form at the moment, winning 6 from 8 games and being representative. This gives its players the ability to make important choices for your Dream11 team.


DSG won 75% of the last games.
The team is at the top of the league.

  1. Q2. How did Paarl Rocks (PC) perform in recent tournaments?
    A: Paarl Rocks have a good record with 4 wins in 7 matches. To choose Dream11 wisely, it is important to consider their recent performance.


PC has a 57% win rate in recent games.
Team standings in the league.

  1. Q3. Who are some of DSG’s best players in recent tournaments?
    C: Quinton de Kock, Heinrich Klaasen and M Stoinis were in consistent form for the Durban Super Giants. With them in your team, Dream11 can increase their chances.

Important Facts:

Quinton de Kock became DSG’s top scorer.
Heinrich Klaasen provides influence and leadership to both players.
M Stoinis contributed with both bat and ball. Q4. Which PC gamers can change the rules of the game?
A: F du Plessis, J Malan and T Shamsi are important for Paarl Rocks. With them, Dream11 can provide great ideas.


F du Plessis was strong with the bat.
J Malan played an important role in the batting team.
T Shamsi is an important player who can influence the game. Q5. How much does DSG cost for PC?
C: Durban Supergiants and Paarl Rocks met 3 times and People’s Republic of China was ahead 2-1. This historical data can be used to make Dream11 predictions.

Important Facts:

DSG won 1 match against PRC.
PRC won 2 matches against DSG.
Q4.Consider one-to-one strategy Dream11 selects head data. Q6. What is the expected hit 11 for DSG and PC?
A: Understanding where the two teams will play 11 is important to create a balanced Dream11 team. Stay informed about last minute changes.


DSG can start 11 matches, including important players such as Quinton de Kock, H Klaasen and M Stoinis.
Q5.PC can join the 11-game series with F du Plessis, J Malan and T Shamsi. Q7. Which players can be considered aces in Dream11?
A: Identifying potential aces can add great ideas to your Dream11 team. Players like Keshav Maharaj, Naveen Ul Haq and Adil Rashid could provide high-risk, high-value options.

Top Tips:

Keshav Maharaj might be the best batsman in the club’s rotation.
Naveen Ul Haq is likely to have a key game with the ball.
If Adil Rashid comes, he can change the rules of the game. Q8. What should Dream11’s manager and director choose in this game?
A: Selection of captain and vice-captain is key in Dream11 fantasy cricket. Considering the recent form and match dynamics, it is recommended to appoint F du Plessis or H Klaasen as captain and A Markram or J Malan as vice-captain.

Important information:

F du Plessis or H Klaasen will be vice-captain. Board of Directors.
Vice-chairmanship is held by Markram or J Malan.
Make selections based on recent performance and relevance.


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