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A Hathras-like Incident Could Have Happened in Mumbai; 9 Fans Injured During Team India’s Victory Parade

During the T20 World Cup victory parade, several people fell ill due to breathing difficulties. A total of 9 people faced health issues during the parade due to breathing problems. Out of these, two were admitted to the hospital, while seven were discharged after receiving first aid.

After winning the T20 World Cup, Team India arrived in Mumbai on July 4. The team held a victory parade from Marine Drive to Wankhede Stadium in an open-top bus. A massive crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. The scene at Marine Drive showed how significant this victory is for the country’s cricket fans. However, the situation at several places turned chaotic. Many people at Marine Drive, who had gathered to welcome the team, fell ill and some had to be taken to a nearby government hospital for treatment.

According to an NDTV report, the images emerging from Marine Drive on the morning of July 5 indicate that a major accident was averted during the victory march on July 4. The pictures show hundreds of fans’ slippers and shoes scattered on Marine Drive. Some videos circulating on social media show fans feeling unwell in the crowd. Media reports state that a total of 9 people were affected by breathing problems during the victory parade. Two of them were hospitalized, while seven were discharged after first aid.

Cricket fan Ravi Solanki, who was present at Marine Drive during the victory parade, said that the crowd began to swell to welcome Team India, but there were no security arrangements by the police. As soon as the team arrived, people started shouting, and those standing around him fell. According to Mumbai Police, many fans gathered there were feeling unwell. Some were injured, and others had difficulty breathing.

On the evening of July 4, a video from Team India’s victory parade went viral on social media. The video shows a woman fainting due to the heavy crowd. However, before she could fall or meet with any accident, a Mumbai Police officer promptly carried her on his shoulder and tried to move her away from the crowd.

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